VEKSTA (NL) BV, trading as Sovtransavto BeNeLux

Postal address: Klarinetsingel 178,
3335 DE Zwijndrecht
Office address: Waalhaven Zuidzijde 48, 3088 HJ Rotterdam

Tel.: 010 429 5959 of 010 429 7140
Fax.: 010 429 4434


Our company philosophy: harmony between the economic and ecological goals can permanently benefit everyone. Businesses therefore need to develop and follow a clear policy which yields a measurable positive result. With the passing of years the personal responsibility of participants in economic transactions has been proven increasingly necessary.

Therefore we aim to offer our services to our customers at the highest possible level, consciously taking into account the responsible use of the environment and the limited availability of raw materials and energy.

The following guidelines apply to all employees of the Sovtransavto Expedition Group:

  • The least polluting material is to be preferred to perform transportation.
  • Loading and unloading points must be as near to one another as possible.
  • Optimization of routes to avoid unnecessary mileage.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient office equipment.
  • Ecologically sorting and disposal of waste.

    Our actions to achieve our goal:

  • Continuously innovate guidelines for our employees, based on an advancing understanding of environmental issues.
  • Regular information to the employees to strengthen ecological understanding and action.
  • To encourage employees to actively participate in ecological issues and still work cost efficient.
  • The use of environmentally more friendly multimodal transport whenever economically and technically feasible.

    The following guidelines apply to the Sovtransavto and other Subcontracted Carriers:
  • A driver must minimize the consumption of fuel of his truck
  • Washing of vehicles must be done in suitable sanitary facilities with a closed water circuit, using environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • The vehicles of our carriers must be operated in a good state of repair, as prescribed / recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Disposal of used materials and waste must be done environmentally sound.
  • The drivers should not cause litter.

    Our actions to achieve our goal:
  • Regular consultation with carriers to verify their compliance with our guidelines.