VEKSTA (NL) BV, trading as Sovtransavto BeNeLux

Postal address: Klarinetsingel 178,
3335 DE Zwijndrecht
Office address: Waalhaven Zuidzijde 48, 3088 HJ Rotterdam

Tel.: 010 429 5959 of 010 429 7140
Fax.: 010 429 4434

Conventional rail transport

We offer reliable handling, using railway wagons and / or private equipment.

Our services include:

  • Tracking and tracing from the moment of shipment until the arrival at the destination.
  • The organization and reporting of transshipment upon departure from and/or entrance into the EU.
  • Organization of pre-carriage to the railhead and/or onward transport to the receiver.

Container transport by rail:

The transport of goods in containers owned by the rail operator, or in shippers' own containers, provides increased safety of the goods. Good quality used containers can be acquired from us as well.

We offer station to station, as well as door to door transport. Our reporting of the "tracking and tracing" ensures a good information flow, and continuous control of the shipper and/or receiver.