VEKSTA (NL) BV, trading as Sovtransavto BeNeLux

Postal address: Klarinetsingel 178,
3335 DE Zwijndrecht
Office address: Waalhaven Zuidzijde 48, 3088 HJ Rotterdam

Tel.: 010 429 5959 of 010 429 7140
Fax.: 010 429 4434

Since 1968, and first in that market, the SOVTRANSAVTO Group operates as an international hauler performing transports to and from the countries of the former Soviet Union, i.e. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia. In several countries Sovtransavto operates its own and/or affiliated transport and forwarding companies. As from 1978 the Sovtransavto interests in the Netherlands were served by the in 1972 in Rotterdam established ship broker Transworld Marine Agency, a daughter company of SOVRACHT Moscow. For that purpose than BELSTA Nederland BV was founded in 1993 as a daughter company of SOVTRANSAVTO Moscow. Since 2005 all activities are carried out under the name SOVTRANSAVTO BeNeLux.

The Sovtransavto Group operates modern equipment for transport by tilt, box-and thermo-trailers. But also transport of overweight and/or oversized goods by means of special equipment is organized.

Sovtransavto also offers consolidation services to/from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with possible onward
delivery to further destinations.

Next to the road haulage, or in combination with it, also transportation by rail, air or sea is offered.

Within the EC, the Sovtransavto Group has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria. The Sovtransavto office at the German / Polish border handles all customs formalities in-house.

More information about our services is at your disposal under the telephone number +31 (0)10 429 7140 or via info@sovtransavto.nl